Hebei Jinan Standard Component co.,LTD.

Main Business

Welding Stud, High Strength Hex Bolt, Hex Bolt, Tor-shear Type Bolt, Foot Bolt

About Us

In Hebei province is one of the largest welding and other standard parts production enterprises, the company in Hebei Handan,Hebei shahe and Hebei YongNian respectively with many professional standard parts plant; The company in 2005 passed the ISO9001:2005 international quality management system certification, in 2009 passed the European CE safety certification, European CE Certificate No. AC / 0500909); Company quality inspection department have a full set of complete quality control testing equipment, with the general manager directly under the leadership of the professional standard quality control system. My company's production policy is: choose the best material, with the strongest equipment, products for the best! The pursuit of high precision, high standard, gen Jian good standard brand! The company has Chinese customs import and export goods transceiver