CO2 laser power supply with 100W for AC110V and 220V for EFR F4 laser tube



Aug 24, 2016

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 CO2 laser power supply with 100W for AC110V and 220V for EFR F4 laser tube

1. Main features:
1.Initiative PFC function, AC90-250V wide input voltage range, universal for all countries voltage.
2.Special design for outer shell, more beautiful appearance, better heat dissipation.
3.Improved current control mode, more stable laser, better compatibility, more adaptable for different kinds of laser tubes.
4.Simple power control, user can control laser with high or low level signal.
5.With test button, easy to test laser tube and power supply.
4.Small size outer shell, suitable for installing on the beam of cutting bed.
2. Main specifications:
Item Es100
Input Input voltage AC90-250V
AC frequency 47---440Hz
Max input power 700W
Max input current (when 90V input) 8A
Output Max output voltage 45KV
Max output current 32mA
Efficiency ≥90%(full load)
MTBF(mean time between failure) ≥10000hours
Response speed ≤1mS(the time from the signal is given to output current 
reaches 90% of set current )
Withstand voltage Input-output, input-shell:AC1500V 10mA 60s
Working environment Temperature(-10~40)℃ , relative humidity:≤90%
Cooling Force air cooling
Network cable Length(M) 1.5M/3M
Dimension L*W*H(mm) 278*144*104
Weight Net weight(KG) 2.45kg
Color Silver grey