Main Business

a manufacturer of mini bicycle pumps, floor pumps, helmet mirrors, bottle cages, bicycle locks, rim tapes and tire levers.

About Us

Since the beginning of JG, our mission has been to find and develop the best solutions to keep you on riding and to put forward its experience and knowledge to be present for its users.

Thanks to focus on innovation and high-quality products, JG is now known as a worldwide leading manufacturer of cycling accessories and owns more than ten patents in China.

JG has developed a wide range of cycling accessories: mini pumps, floor pumps, bottles, bottle cages, locks, mirrors, rim tapes, saddle and tyre lever. And products are developed and tested by passionate riders and passed ROHS and The Third Party Test Report.

PRO STAR has been registered in WIPO, including 14 countries: China (Mainland), Canada, Italy, France, Korea, the United States, Japan, Sweden, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, the kingdom of Belgium and Luxembourg.