Y83 series hydraulic briquetting press


Apr 18, 2016

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 Y83 series hydraulic briquetting press

1, application
The TITAN Y83 series briquetting press machine is offered with two type: Y83 series vertical type & Y83-W series horizontal type, there are 7 standard models available and customized design service under specific requirements. The TITAN Y83 series briquetting press is applied to compress ferrous & non-ferrous sawdust, powder, shavings, swarf, turnings etc (steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, titanium etc) into high density briquettes to reduce burning loss in smelting furnace, decrease the storage space and transportation cost.

2, features:
Model & Efficiency
Various models according to different material and requirements, a wide range of raw material appliance and production capacity to fulfill different purposes


Delicately processed pressing plunger with a optimism hardness and softness enables the TITAN Y83 series briquetting presses to process almost all kinds of ferrous & non-ferrous metal shavings including, of course, the wood sawdust etc; the plunger head is special material that can wear hard abrasion and it is connected to the plunger through screws & flange which can be easily replaced.

hydraulic station:
The hydraulic station includes the hydraulic tank, valve station, pump station, electrical power system etc; The hydraulic station guarantees the supply of the system with filtered and cooled oil; the oil monitor helps to detect the real time oil level to ensure the system working; the pressure relay switch can easily change the system working pressure to adjust to different material fed into the system.

Speed up system
Except the hydraulic station providing the main power supply of the whole system, the TITAN particular speed-up technology helps the briquetting presses to gain the high production speed which can increase the production capacity to 1.5~2 times more.

High-density briquette

briquette diameter from 50 mm~230 mm available with optimism density, shapes optional with cylindrical, conical cuboid etc; The high density of the briquettes ensures their suitability for transport and guarantees best melting results; the oil in the raw material can also be 70~95% pressed out into the oil collector for reusing.

Operation system
PLC control, with conveying system the TITAN Y83 series briquetting presses are easily operated with one single worker; remote control available.

Power system & installation
Power system is electrical motor, and where there is no wire power, the equipment can be equipped with diesel engine or generator as power system; common flat ground installation and no foot bolts needed.