mesh belt tye heat treatment brazing furnace


Nov 27, 2014

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 mesh belt tye heat treatment brazing furnace


Heat treatment electric furnace is mainly used for the sintering, brazing, heating and quenching of mechanical parts.

2. Structure of heat treatment electric furnace

1. This heat treatment electric furnace consists of belt main drive equipment, furnace tank, pulling device, heating furnace, mesh belt, cooling section, protective atmosphere, pipeline, cooling water pipeline, electric control system and other major parts.

2. The continuous furnace body is the welded by the steel plate and profile steel. There are a series of stainless steel muffle tanks, and the muffle tanks are specially treated to prevent deformation, so that it will have a longer service life. The insulation materials are made of ultra-light fiber and high-quality bricks.

3. The heating section and cooling section are both equipped with safety device to improve the operation safety.

4. The electric control adopts SSR control with the characteristics of no noise, long service life. And the electrical system has safety alarm, fault indication functions.

5. The heat treatment electric furnace is specially suitable for the brazing of thin-walled parts (Materials are stainless steel or carbon steel).