electric arc furnace


Nov 27, 2014

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 electric arc furnace

Vacuum selfconsuming electrode arc furnace utilizes the premade metal bar stock to smelt in the vacuum or inert atmosphere, applied in the remelting of steel, especially highgrade alloy steel, tungsten, molybdenum, niobium and titanium alloys. It is characterized by high temperature, fast melting and obvious degassing effect. The melting metal is not contaminated by refractory materials and it can reduce nonmetal impurities in the metal.
2.Adoption of new technology
Optimization design
Tubular water cooled furnace wall and furnace lid
Eccentric bottom tapping (EBT)
Copper-steel combined electrode arm
Cluster type large sectional area water cooled cables
Optimize large current system structure (energy-saving type)
Proportional valves hydraulic system
Basic level (PLC) + procedure level ( Industrial control computer) Control system
Frequency control technique
Network technique