electric glass melting furnace


Nov 27, 2014

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 electric glass melting furnace

Electric glass melting furnace used for anneal of glass and produce fine glass products.
1. This electric glass melting furnace is fitted with a set of microprocessor for accurate control on heating and temperature, resulting in constantly ensured quality.
2. Unique combustion system in our glass melting machine is featured with frequency-controlled combustor. As a result, customers benefit from amazing energy efficiency and minimized noise. Gas consumption is the lowest among similar furnaces.
3. We utilize special refractory material and latest thermal insulation technique for the manufactureof our electric glass melting furnace. Furthermore, the overall dimension is correspondingly
reduced, and the thermal insulation effect is better than national standard.
4. Imported crucible is introduced for superior thermal shock resistance and stability.
5. Intelligent control delivers easy operation and flexible glass color exchange. No impurity is involved.