mesh belt powder sintering furnace


Nov 27, 2014

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 mesh belt powder sintering furnace

I. Usage
The mesh belt sintering furnace is mainly used for sintering of metallurgy products as copper based and iron based powder, composed material and double metal material, and the reduction of metal powder.
1. Good Temperature Uniformity
2. Low Energy Consumption
3. Furnace tube service life is long
4. High Degree of Automation
1.The main structure of this mesh belt sintering furnace is composed by feeding section, heating section,slow cooling section, water cooling section, pull off section, mesh belt, mesh belt driver equipment, protection atmosphere equipment and electric control systems, etc.
2. The sintering furnace lining uses ultra energy saving structure.
3.The muffle is made by bending the heatresisting stainless steel plate into ripple shape and welding.It uses a special strengthening structure according to the high temperature mechanics principle, which improve its service life greatly.
4.The electric motor is stepless speed regulated, frequency control of motor speed, demonstrates the running rate directly.
5. The heating temperature control unit table uses Japan (SHIMA) Corporation’s intelligence temperature control unit.