high temperature vacuum sintering furnace


Nov 27, 2014

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 high temperature vacuum sintering furnace

1. Usage
This small lab vacuum furnace is suitable for degreasing and sintering production process of hard alloy, high proportion alloy, stainless steel and ceramic powders MIM
products; Adopts atmosphere sweepingmode degreasing way, and equipped with special grease sealant tank and wax trap, with strong ability of degreasing and high degree of automation.
2. Features
1. small lab vacuum furnace using the high efficiency “SWEEP-GASTM” degreasing system
2. small lab vacuum furnace equipped with a carrier gas degreasing system,
3. small lab vacuum furnace equipped with a special steam washing device, which can remove the degreasing trouble
4. The temperature and action controlling process are both automatic and the PLC
5. small lab vacuum furnace equipped with an internal recycle rapid cooling device and workpiece.
We can use either the vertical or horizontal structure according to the customer’s technical requirement. The special sealing furnace flue and multistage watercooling laminated oil collecting machine are used for degreasing and collecting oil. The chamber can be moved out totally so as to maintain easily. Using nickel chrome heating element, stainless steel or composite insulation panel. The heating element can be divided into many areas, each control its temperature independently, and a programmable PID adjusts are installed. An air charging and degreasing system is equipped which can fill the gas into the furnace, the gasification current capacity is adjustable. The internal recycling cooling system is equipped, which can accelerate the material to cool in the furnace, reducing working period, and it’s good for improving the product quality and the working efficiency.