Mullite Powder



May 11, 2016

Mullite Powder, Mullite Refractory Materials,


 Mullite Powder

Mullite powder is made from the natural high-quality bauxite,Website:, it’s calcined temperature over 1750°C. Mullite powder is an ideal raw material for the following refractory products like a variety of shaped and unshaped refractory, advanced ceramic asanitary ware body, precision casting models and so on.FeaturesHardness, high bulk densityStable Physicochemicalfull calcinedHigh aluminum contentLow iron contentLow dust content.Small index of high temperature creepGood resistance to chemical corrosion.Size:Size of Mullite powder: -200M mesh,-250 mesh,-270 mesh,-325 meshApplications:Mullite powder suit for carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steels complex precision castings such as, and also applies to the aluminum alloy, titanium alloy investment casting.