Guangzhou icdora Trading Co., Ltd

Main Business

1. Taobao Order Service 2. Mix Order Service 3. Bulk Order Service

About Us

We are a trading company located in Guangzhou, China, we are aim to help our partners from worldwide to make money and save money in china.
Our advantage:

1.We don’t charge extra for sourcing.
2. We find the best factory to produce your type of product.
3. We are a registered company with experienced team, effective, we will reply within 24 hours.
4. We have HK bank account, which can transfer money easily.
5.We take only 1%-5% of the order as our service fee. 

If you are busy, don't have time to sourcing from millions chinese suppliers, 
If you want someone collect your samples together, 
If you need someone negotiate the price, 
If you need someone checking quality before sending, 
Even if you are trader, don't want your buyer contact with factory directly to keep the business secrets, 
Then, please come to us!we will be your efficient, responsible, honest, reliable chinese partner!

If you are interested in our service, please contact with us freely anytime.