jade nano powder



Jun 21, 2017

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 jade nano powder

The chemical component of jade is: SiO2 44.30%, Al2O3:0.03%, H2O:13%, CaO:0.81%, MgO:43.70%, Fe2O3:0.73%, with a small amount of impurity such as Ca and Cr.
Shape: exquisite and compact block, a few are fibrous.
Color: white, yellow, green, bluish green, blue white, brown, brown red, dull-red, dark green, black and etc.
Physical property: hardness: 2.54-4, proportion: 2.44-2.62, oily luster, translucent to opaque.
Remove the toxic substance in the jade powder, and keep 16 kinds of beneficial trace elements. The jade is natural with luster and has no radioactive contamination.
Mainly applied in: decorative material, sculpture, jewelry, plastic steel, cosmetics, paper-making, health-care product, environmental protection, medical treatment, emulsion paint and other fields.