crystal nano powder



Jun 21, 2017

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 crystal nano powder

Crystal nano powder
The chemical component of crystal is SiO2. The crystal often contains gas-liquid inclusion whose chemical component is CO2, H2O, NaCi and CaCO3. When it contains MnO, Fe2O3 and organic purities, the clear crystal can be colored.
Shape: trigonal system, prismatic
Crystal often appears in vug way.
Physical property: hardness: 7, proportion: 7, vitreous luster, transparent, no cleavage, and with piezoelectricity.
The high-quality crystal imported from Brazil is with high SiO2 content and with low impurity.
Kinds of our crystal: amethyst, white crystal, green crystal, topaz and etc.
The granularity we can produce is from 10μm to 0.1 μm.
Mainly applied in: health care product, chemicals, manicure, cosmetics, painting, handicraft, electricity and other industries.