negative ion nano powder



Jun 21, 2017

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 negative ion nano powder

Negative ion powder
Negative ion powder is a natural and functional material rich in a variety of trace elements and mineral compositions, and it is produced by a mixture of a variety of natural silicate minerals. The characteristics of the negative ion powder are natural, odorless, non-toxic, safe, and has function of high negative ion release. The main colors are brown, red, earth yellow, soil white, and white. The negative ion release depends on its color and purity. The brown negative ion release is 20,000/cm3, the red negative ion release is 25,000/cm3, and the earth yellow and soil white release are 40,000/cm3.
The granularity of negative ion powder we can produce is from 325mesh to 100 nanometer.
Our price is moderate. Our negative ion powder can be used in a variety of industries. The addictive proportion depends on its industry and use, thus we can improve the performance of the product.
The main functions: make people energetic, eliminate fatigue and burnout, improve work efficiency, improve sleep, eliminate nervous breakdown, reduce the incidence of disease, prevent colds and respiratory disease, and improve the cardio-cerebrovascular disease.
Mainly used in:
1. Purify indoor air,
2. Eliminate indoor peculiar smell and all kinds of harmful gas by using paint added with negative ion powder,
3. Produce fabric such as clothes, bedding articles, wallpaper, carpet,
4. Produce filter material which can be used in water dispense filter core to kill bacteria in water and increase the dissolved oxygen in water,
5. Improve soil,
6. Cultivate indoor green plants; improve the survival rate of plants, and fresh flowers.