tourmaline nano powder



Jun 21, 2017

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 tourmaline nano powder

Our company is specialized in developing tourmaline products and producing environmental and functional tourmaline nano powder in China. The raw material is purchased from Xinjiang, China and imported from Brazil, Madagascar and Tanzania. We select the best tourmaline, and the tourmaline’s quality decides different uses and industries.
Firstly, choose the special grade (99%content) to make colorful necklace and bracelet.
Secondly, choose grade A (98%content) to produce high-purity tourmaline nano powder.
Thirdly, choose grade B (96%content) to produce common tourmaline nano powder.
We produce tourmaline series products by use of tourmaline powder. Diversified products can meet requirements of different industries.
According to different granularity, the negative ion emission quantity is 2600-6500/cm3, and far-infrared emission rate is above 91%.
Our price is moderate. According to different products, different adding proportion is needed.