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Oct 8, 2016

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 floral foam

We are specializing in exporting wet floral foam, floral foam machine, technology and chemial materials.

Our company also have one floral foam factory , the factory's name is Hebei Huiya Floral Foam special equipment Co.,Ltd.

So we can give you the good price and we can guarantee the quality of our floral foam .

Wet floral foam for flower

We are a professional enterprise of highly efficient and energy-saving equipment and technology, integrating research and

development, production, marketing and service.

Our main business range includes:

*The floral foam production Line

* Floral foam Machines & Technology

* Chemical materials for making floral foam

* Various size of floral foam

In 23 * 11 * 8 cm/piece of floral foam quality standards:

1. An open-celled phenol foam that readily absorbs water and is used as a base for

flower arrangements.

2.Foliage green in color.

3.Density: 25KG/M³

4.Water absorption time: ABT. 1 minute (60 secs)

5.Dry brick weight: 45g(+/- 3g)

6.Wet brick weight: 2000g (+/- 15g)

7.Water drainage / leakage: 0g

8.Cell Structure: Fine

9.Brown water: No

10.PH level: PH 5.8-6.5

11.Water retain period: 7 days & above (Depend on the local climate)