smarrt shoe cover dispenser 102


Jun 20, 2017

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 smarrt shoe cover dispenser 102

Brand of Yajiebao shoe cover machine is our own research and development, design, production of the dominant products.
The shoe cover machine is with the fashion exterior, high-quality material & the stability of the high rate of output shoe cover.
1. Bran-new design: fashionable & elegant appearance exterior. The classic series is made of wood.
2. Material: Shell using new ABS plastic, baking finish on surface, the core of the machine is made of good quality steel and stainless steel. It will look good, and it will wear well.
3. Output shoe cover rate: use steering gear and the 100% success.
4. Big capacity: it can hold about 60pcs shoe covers, High Cost Performance.
5. Easy operation: refill the shoe cover simple and convenient, unused special tools
6. Strong applicability: No matter how big the shoes, and even high-heeled shoes, it can encase the whole one.