Electro Plating Equipment for Rotogravure Printing



Jul 3, 2015

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 Electro Plating Equipment for Rotogravure Printing

Electro-plating equipment for rotogravure printing cylinder
(including Cylinder Washing, Nickel/Copper/Chrome Plating, Degreasing, Dechrome)
HJ-DDJ electroplating production line models are divided into full automatic, semi-automatic and Eco-power, we can also be tailored according customer needs.
Full automatic production line fulfills full-line centralized PLC or PC order control, high work efficiency, less operator, less area.
Semi-automatic production line fulfills stand-alone automatic program control , steady quality, long equipment life , easy maintenance .
Eco-power production lines are easy operate, hand control, economical and practical, they are the first choice model for minor enterprise to develop market and improve equipment quality ,excellence performance price ratio gets lots of reputation from customers.