UHT Flush Pasteurizer


Dec 31, 2016

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 UHT Flush Pasteurizer

This fully automatic flush pasteurizer is used for pasteurizing the liquid. The heat exchanger and pipelines are stainless steel 304. There is fully automatic CIP system and Siemens PLC control system.
1. The material exchanges the heat with media in its own pipeline to ensure that the material is sanitary.
2. The pasteurization time is very short in order to keep the nutrition of the liquid.
3. The material of the whole machine is food grade stainless steel that meets the requirement of national beverage industry.
4. The heat exchange is good; the heat recovery rate is high; the energy consuming is less.
5. We use international famous brand parts for control part, valves and mating parts. The machine is more durable.
6. The process is controlled by PLC control system that controls heating temperature of the liquid, hot water temperature, steam flow adjustment in different phase. There is fully automatic liquid returning system to make sure 100% meets the sterilization quality.