One head keg washer


Dec 31, 2016

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 One head keg washer

HG-TQX-1 model keg washer uses hot alkaline water, hot water, water, sterile water to wash the kegs. After washing it, there is the function of steam sterilization and CO2 injection. This machine is suitable for washing 5-50L plastic and stainless steel keg.
1. We use Siemens control system that is stable and precise. The whole process is finished fully automatically. All the parameters can be adjusted without stopping the machine.
2. This machine is suitable for all kinds of kegs in different size.
3. There is function of CO2 injection that can keep the beer tasty.
4. The hot alkaline water, water, sterile water can be recycled.
5. The washing head can be changed to be suitable for different kind of keg fitting.
We use international famous brand part for this machine.