Supply CNC and high precision internal grinding machine


Sep 13, 2016

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 Supply CNC and high precision internal grinding machine

Shenyang Hermos CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd is specialized in CNC Internal grinding machine and support equipment. The products are mainly used in several fields including air condition compressor, bearing, gear, auto parts, hydraulic parts and other industries, besides, it can be used to grind some parts with difficult-to-cut materials. It can realize high efficiency and high precision machining.
Advantages of Hermos’ internal grinding machine:
High precision: Machining precision, flatness, parallelism less than or equal to 2 microns;
High efficiency: Machining time is about 5-15s, and the capacity is about 100-300 thousand one month.
High stability : CPK greater than or equal to 1.33, Product Qualification Ratio is over 99.95%.
Simple operation : Chinese interface and easy to operate.

Matching of CBN grinding wheel
We provide matching of CBN grinding wheel, diamond wheel, which can make the CNC grinding high precision, high efficiency, high stability, high product consistency
Parameter of Hermos internal grinding machine:
Grinding Way:CNC vibration Grinding;
Height of workpiece center: 1113mm
Workpiece support way: Chuck
Speed of middle spindle : 220~2000r/min
Grinding surface: hole, blind hole ,ladder hole , cone and face
Rotation angle of middle spindle box: ±25°
Dressing : diamond roller fixed
Lateral table travel:400mm