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Sep 9, 2016

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 vending machine suppliers

Basic Introduction:
Whole-process automation
The customer can watch the squeezing process. After dispensed refrigerated freshly squeezed orange juice into cups, the lids will be capped automatically and the self-opening/closing door for takeout consumption.

With updatable software, an advanced technological management system makes it capable of a real-time detection of device status, remote prompt, remote control devices and etc.

22 inches display
22 inches LCD touch display, a visual purchasing interactive interface, also can display uninterrupted advertisements.

Multi-selection payment
Multiple payment methods can be selected, Cash, VIP card (standard), Internet payment (optional).

Technical Parameter:

Item HC-2300
Orange storage 300 pcs oranges (Ø 75mm)
Orange size about Ø 75 mm
Temperature Adjustable from 2 °C upwards
Squeezing speed 35 - 45 sec.
Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 138 cm (width) 204 cm (height) 102 cm (depth)
Voltage 110V / 60Hz 220V / 50Hz
Power consumption 1350W max

Packaging and shipping
1. Before packaged& delivered, we will test the newest automatic orange juice making machine seriously and guarantee the machine runs stably with high accuracy.
2. After inspection, our machines are wrapped by plastic film and then carefully packed in wooden cases.
3. Air express, air freight, sea tranportation, can be provided by us.

Professional Service:
Good quality control system
Respond you the first time
The best machine we have
If you have any problem ,we will solve it a.s.a.p.

Our Advantage:
Over 10 senior engineers
High quality with competitive price
33 years experience in Metal Fabrication
we are factory and there is no intermediary agent who may dig your money