Stage Water Show



May 11, 2016

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 Stage Water Show

Water showWater show as entertainment has been growing in popularity and has very strong entertainment in the theme park,Website:, commercial property and tourist attraction. Water show makes the most of various elements, water, fogs, flame, firework, projection, lighting, sound, scenery and actors with drama, to create the ultimate theatrical sight and sound experience with high-technology.Successful StoryQinzhou Guangxi,a coastal city of recreations in Western and South of China, is in popularity for Oyster. Huanyu Technologies blended advanced technology like music fountain, magic water show, laser effect, flame, waterfog, LED, mechanical stage into this opening, and the visual feast was presented perfectly.  Remark:As our product is customized project, please kindly provide the detail information about your requirements,CAD drawing, site conditions and roughly budget, we have a strong capacity to provide  the most creative and satisfied design andservice for you.