Sledge hammer with wooden handle


Jul 11, 2016

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 Sledge hammer with wooden handle

Sledge hammer with wooden handle.
*Materials:Forged carbon steel.
*Size:2LB,4LB,6LB,8LB,10LB,12LB,14LB,16LB,18LB,20LB as order.
*Handle:wooden handle, fiberglass handle, TPR handle workable.
*Fixed with metal wedge and infused epoxy gum make hammers more safe and more durable.
*Surface:Painted/Polishing/Rubber coated as order.
*Customer's logo and design are welcome.
*OEM workable.
*Small order workable.And samples available.
*Each hammers need to be checked 4 times before shipment.
*Cooperate with us,don't need to worried about the quality,and we will bring you more profits.
Please mail us the require with your specification, our samples and prices could be offered.
Waiting for your news.