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The company was established in 2010, specializing in the study of special transfer printing, the company in good faith, the quality of the root, customer as the source, and vigorously explore the market, have set up a complete system of market research, product development, has become the special transfer printing industry the one, to meet the needs of customers across the industry.
Special transfer printing in-mold labeling: for pp material, at the time of injection molding, blow molding processing products, the film on the mold-time molding, melt in product design inside, scratch to spend, then transportation, anti-counterfeiting of choice the packaging, is the best choice daily necessities, scooters, washbasin, dishes, chairs, table, machine oiler so on.
Tattoo technology for the water transfer technology, the material is mainly composed of water transfer paper, green ink, glue and laminating the composition of environmental protection, after printing products, you can be a small amount of water to the bottom paper pattern is transferred to the skin or other items on. Tattoo easy to use, there is no pain, paste can be kept for a week, is not afraid of water, no damage to the skin. So more easily than traditional tattoo accepted by all, but also for frequent replacement pattern. Cheap, and attract customers with color, pattern. General water transfer tattoo stickers are standard, if the pattern is square, not too prominent part of the case, the practice is: the body parts do Tattoo clean, then with water to tattoo stickers on the back of paper (called the end of paper) wet coating, or the paste into the water, to see in the end of the paper darkening of time, that is when you can water permeation posted. When affixed directly to that side patterned attached to the skin, the back gently with a fingernail scratch pattern, and finally pull the backing paper by hand along the skin, it slid down from the pattern, then press down with a towel and then, First, to the water, then there remove bubbles on it. Of course, if the pattern of many prominent part, you want to pull up the end of paper, slowly, see that there is no off the pattern, then press down to click on the line.
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