AMD280 Media Dispensing System



Jun 9, 2017

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 AMD280 Media Dispensing System

AMD280 Media Dispensing System

For laboratories involved in culture media preparation, sterile dispensing is essential for successful downstream applications and to meet quality requirements. Furthermore, as a growing need for cost saving and performance improvements exists, a reliable worl flow is necessary. These requirements creat a strong demand for medium dispensing system that allows reliable walk-way operation and at the same time fulfils quality requirements. AMD series and HMD series are developed to meet these needs.

Solve existing problem

1. Dispensing media by person —Nonuniformity dose, heavy working intensity, poor efficiency and easy contamination.

2. Purchase prepared media —High cost, short shelf life(max. not more than 6months), frequency purchase, high storage requirement for transportation(2- 25 degree protect from light), especially, required for cold-chain transportation.
3. Media dispensing system —Automated dispensing, high efficiency, eliminating source of contamination, solve the limited condition problem of big batch storage and transporation.

Automated AMD series

Parameter and Feature
◎ Composed by three parts: Main control system, rotor system and carrousel

◎ 5.7inch touch screen and intelligent operation system, easy handling.

◎ The material of rotor and carrousel are adopts hard aluminum alloy, easy to disassemble.

◎ Two types of carrousel for choice: 280 petri dishes and 400 petri dishes(accept customized).

◎ Peristaltic pump adopts automated resorption anti-spill design, avoiding media drop outside.

◎ Dispensing volume from 1-1000ml, its precision is less than 1%. Dispensing 280 petri dishes in less than 25minutes.

◎Fast calibrate dispensing volume, can set parameter as need for suitable dispensing program, and different dispensing programs can be stored. Operate them by choicing the one you need.

◎ The dispensing zone is protected by UV rays.
◎ Having fault alarm and self-check function, fast to find fault and repair.