Printer Slotter Die Cutter In-Line Folder Gluer

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Oct 13, 2015

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 Printer Slotter Die Cutter In-Line Folder Gluer

Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter and In-Line Folder Gluer is used to make complete corrugated cartons automatically after the corrugated paperboard is slotted to replace manual gluing and folding .The machine consists of a gluing unit, folding unit, automatic pressing and laminating unit and counter ejector unit. After corrugated paperboard is slotted , the gluing unit will supply glue to the corrugated paperboard flap, and the laminating unit folds the board and laminates it. The edge presing roller then presses the edges and the steel roller pre-presses it, then after folding ,the corrugated boards are reshaped by a shaping board (patting the fronts and back of the boards).Following this, the counter ejector sends out the pile of card-board and counts the quantity ,then binds the pile of cardboard.The gluing ,folding, pressing ,laminating and counter ejector workflow can greatly improve working efficiency and increase the benefits of manufacturers through precise shaping after folding and precise operation of the counter and ejector unit.
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