HongKong Xin Yun Industrial Felting Co.,Ltd

Main Business

Heat Transfer printing felt Sanfor felt Pleating felt Compacting felt heat press felt laundry ironer padding Laundry ironer belt cotton belt ironer wax belt fastener and machine clipper lacer

About Us

Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting co,ltd is Self-production and processing of various types of industrial felt products company, products based on customer requirements, custom processing, advanced management concepts, complete equipment, rational process, strict management, excellent product quality assurance.

Mainly engaged in textile printing and dyeing felt, laundry ironing and feeder textile parts, types of belt fastener and tool,food industrial conveyor belt, conveyor belt for steel processing, packaging cartons, wood manufacturing, industrial batteries, filters, polishing and other industries of industrial carpet and steel belt buckle, full range, excellent quality and reasonable price!

Our pursuit of product specialization, quality, serialized business philosophy.
Provide customers with professional, convenient and efficient service!