Ma Anshan Exact instrument Co.LTD

Main Business

our main product lines include dry gauge, liquid filled pressure gauge, special pressure gauge, capsule gauge, thermometer, accessories..

About Us

Ma Anshan Exact Instrument Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of high quality gauges instruments. The products cover:

Standard pressure gauges, vacuum and compound gauges with black steel cases and brass and bronze internals; And heavy duty types with stainless steel cases and brass and bronze internals, or with all stainless steel construction.

Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge in the casing filled with damping fluid (typically silicone oil or glycerine ) instrument, capable of working environment vibration resistance and reduction of medium pressure fluctuation effect.

Test Gauge with higher accuracy 0.6% and 0.25% for water and air or CNG testing.

Safety Pattern gauges of all kinds, for use with hazardous gases, or gases at higher pressures, including Intrinsically Safe Digital types.

Special gauge, such as diaphragm, diaphragm seal, chemical seal, hygienic seal, and similar gauges where the process fluid must be isolated from the operating mechanism.

Thermometer used to record continuously and automatically temperature changing with the time. It estimates and measures temperature accurately.

Other safety pattern, case, movement, pocket, connection and so on.

Our products are widely used in oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, manufacture, papermaking, food, energy, etc. Our products have been exported to U. S. A, Canada, Europe, Spain, Egypt and South-east Asia, MID-east and so on.