wood shaving baler


Apr 14, 2016

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 wood shaving baler

This HBA-30 ia a kind of automatic wood shaving baler,it is the old star in Enerpat Bagging press family in a decade.it is born with a 7.5kw,415V-50HZ 3 phase SIEMENS, Nok Seal rings,Enerpat Rams and Packer Hose.

Which use in many application,but very popular in horse bedding industry,enerpat produced and sold many HBA-30 balers to horse beddding and chicken bedding company.like Ireland,Hongkong,USA,New Zealand etc
in 2015 we plan to sell more than 100 units

Our baler comes the good quality belt conveyor,you can also use the manual bag seal machine to inprove the throughput.