Panoramic Elevator Observation Lift


Jun 29, 2016

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 Panoramic Elevator Observation Lift

This is Square Glass Panoramic Elevator for Sightseeing (G101), observation lift, sightseeing elevator, capsule lift, landscape elevator, geared or gearless, MRL or with small machine room.

Syney observation elevator series are widely used nowadays. In hotels, business places and office buildings, you all can see Syney panoramic elevator silently transporting colorful passengers up and down, adding beautiful sights to buildings. Our lift distincts itself in automatic timing switch and safety device, offering passengers steady moving up and down.

Top and bottom cover:Hairline stainless steel
Ceiling: Flush painted steel, LED light
Cabin wall: Hairline stainless steel
Observation wall: Tempered glass
Handrail: Mirror stainless steel, round tube
Floor: PVC