Main Business

produce and export electric motor, single phase electric motor and 3 phase electric motor, AC induction motor, oil pump motor, AC brake motor

About Us

Taizhou Dongchun Motor Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of electric motor,
the company has a strong R & D team and scientific management system. Products include single-phase motor YC,YL,YY, MY,ML, JY series; and three phase motor, like Y2, YX3, IE2, IE3, MS, GOST, YEJ, YVP series Which are widely used in construction, industrial facilities, including air compressors, pumps, fans, machine tools and other industrial equipments, and also used in the field of power, petrochemical, cement, paper and other industries.
Products has been passed a series of tests and certification, including CCC, CE, EFF1 standard, and it has been exported to the United States, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East countries, Africa and so on.
With the implementation of national energy conservation policy, under the efforts of all employees and the support of customers, the company will continue to supply more high efficiency, energy-saving products to domestic and foreign customers to achieve sustainable development goals.