China ZheJiang

Dec 1, 2011

Health Care Products, walker, wheelchair,



it is able to be adjusted for the height through its excellent structure,automatically!.it is also suitable for walking stars and slope.its unique universal rotatable feet enables the armrest be perpendicular to the groud no matter in uneven ground or slope.allowing you to walk more smoothly.this revolutionary new technology makes us be leader in this function.Compared to the traditional field of walker,it has many advantage.
1.height adjustable automatically.you need not to lower you body to press the ball.you just press the button on the handle.
2.able to walk on stairs.
3.each one of the legs has an rotatable wheels offering a flexible multi-angle turn so that even in the rugged slope ,hand parts can always be perpendicular to the ground.
4.flodable,has other fuctions of ordinary walkers.