Shaanxi Genex Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd

Main Business

Manufactory of empty hard capsule. Vegetarian capsule, HPMC capsule, Pullulan Capsule and Gelatin capsule

About Us

Company Profile
We are GMP manufacture of Empty hard capsule covers about 5000SQM. With full automatic production line, the quality is stable and controllable. We have warehouse in America. We are a professional manufacturer of high quality pharmaceutical and nutraceutical grade empty hard capsules in China. Our goal is to provide the highest quality 100% bovine hide gelatin capsules and vegetarian capsules along with first-class technical support and satisfaction of service.
Our company located in Shaanxi province, the north west of China. Shaanxi is representative of traditional Chinese civilization. In Xi'an, you can see authentic Chinese civilization, civilization began from Banpo, here is the birthplace of Chinese culture, the Western Zhou Dynasty, Western Han, Sui, Tang and other Chinese history to be proud of the time in the capital here. Modern Shaanxi is the cradle of Chinese revolution.
Why Choose Us?
Technical Service
We have professional and strong qualified technicians who are ready to assist you with any issue regarding capsule manufacturing and capsule filling. Our technicians are committed to superior customer service and are well versed in all aspects of commercial capsule production.
Capsule Color Support
We can help your product stand out and reinforce your brand image. Color is a key aspect of any product’s marketing strategy, so capsules can be manufactured to your existing color specifications, Our experienced staff can help you select the right color for your capsule products.