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Car Partner Technology Co., Ltd

Chongqing Car Partner Technology Co. Ltd. is a professional Eco friendly-tech enterprise, focusing on R&D and manufacture of fuel saving, conservation and exhaust treatment for combustion engines of cars, ships, construction machinery etc.
By building firm cooperation with domestic fuel authoritative experts, appropriately utilizing military technology, and combined with domestic petroleum products characteristics, we independently developed the state-of-the-art “car care” series of products: Luxury car use fuel additive, Gasoline saving additive, Engine oil additive, Diesel saving additive, Ship use heavy oil additive etc. They are capable to safely conserve engine system, increase fuel burning efficiency, and reduce exhaust emissions, lower maintenance costs effectively. They are the industry-leading high-tech products.

Currently the product formula has adopted the national invention patent application, and has been awarded the "Top Technological Innovation Award" by PRC Ministry of Transportation among Energy Saving Products. The series of products have passed the National Petroleum and Petrochemical Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center’s physical and chemical safety testing, and are proved qualified to enhance the quality of oil by the authoritative oil testing star, Chongqing detection Research Institute. Our are also nominated in the "National Transportation Energy Saving Recommended Products" directory referenced from PRC Ministry of Transportation, honored as "National Quality-notarized Product Top 10 Brands", "Chinese Famous Brand", "Chinese Top 10 Low-carbon & Energy-abatement Integrity Brand " etc. The product quality and liability insurance is covered by China Ping An insurance Company.

Our products have been proved to lead an ideal energy saving and conservation effect by tens of thousands of customers around the country, they are integrated with core functions that tak