Howell Print Technology Limited

Main Business

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About Us

Howell Print Technology is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of pad printing and screen printing equipments since 1996, located in Dongguan China. We making all the parts that designed by our engineer with more than 30 years experience of the printing machines. We providing high quality and extremely stable semi-automatic and fully automatic equipments.

We offering 1 to 8 color pad printers in open tray and ink cup system, with CE safety standards; And offering cylindrical & flat screen printers.

The unique features of our machines are:
I. Extremely stable, durable for years operation;
II. Exquisite workmanship;
III. The ink cup (open inkwell) base with X, Y, Z adjustment;
IV. All our pad printers complying with CE safety standards.

We offering full manufacturing services to OEM and ODM Customers.With the perfect combination of experience, top quality and the best service, we getting high reputation at home and abroad. Howell printing machine is your right choice.