XHB6 Small Fine Concrete pump



Sep 3, 2016

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 XHB6 Small Fine Concrete pump

CABR Small fine concrete pump is a S valve pump, which has a compactly designed structure and is cost-effective. It is fit for theconveying of fine stone concrete ( also called “small aggregate concrete” ) and mortar, widely used in high-rise building, high-speed railway, bridges, tunnels, etc. Being very small and light, it can move flexibly through narrow space.
Technical Advantages:
1. All system controlled by hydraulic, electrical system become more simplified and more reliable.
2. S tube valves are cast into shape by manganese steel, the abrasionsurface is welded with wear-resistant material.
3. Glasses plates and cut rings are made of hominess alloy, which have long service lives.
4. Pressure is high enough to pump the concrete to the top of high buildings or long distance destination.
5. Has the function of reversible pumping, which can deal with the pipeline block.