TYB-10/TYB-20 slag oil pump


Jan 5, 2017

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 TYB-10/TYB-20 slag oil pump

TYB type slag oil Pump Overview
● Structure and characteristics:
TYB-slag oil pump main by pump, front cover, side gears, thrust plate and fine-tuning components, pump and motor pump unit composed by coupling.
● Scope and main purposes:
This type TYB-slag oil pump for conveying the following 180 ℃, non-corrosive, non-metallic impurities of heavy oil, tar, oil, machinery and other liquids similar nature.
TYB regulator gear pump this type gear can thrust plate is floating installation, so the gap between the gear and thrust plate can be manually adjusted by trimming the external screw, thereby allowing some time to work the pump discharge pressure drops again restore normal operating pressure, greatly increasing the effective life of the pump. This type of regulator gear pump can especially for oil-fired boilers, combustion of coal tar deep processing of oil injection, compression and other occasions.