ZYB-18.3A Mixing station Slag oil pump


Jan 5, 2017

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 ZYB-18.3A Mixing station Slag oil pump

mixing station Slag oil pump, mixing station pumps , ZYB-33.3A main components of high quality material selection and more wear-resistant materials , heat-treated high strength and hardness. Slag mixing station pumps in the structure using a number of unique hydraulic balancing technology, the high-pressure pump to work mixing station slag aging rate, low noise, stable running flat , packing a long time , and other unique performance. The pump has a gear end clearance adjustable structure , a certain time when the pump operating pressure drop occurs , the pump can be covered by fine-tuning the structure of the external gear pump end clearance to be adjusted , so that the pump working pressure was restored, and can be adjusted several times . So mixing station slag pump gear pump than the average 5-10 times longer service life , in our high-pressure spray containing impurities burn fuel oil it is the first occasion , and reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad .
Scope and main uses
This type of Mixing station Slag oil pump, pressure regulator for conveying medium temperature no higher than 200 ℃, viscosity of less than 1500mm2 / s, non-metallic impurities containing heavy oil , diesel oil, coal tar and other types of low-grade low-grade burning oil. Especially suitable for petroleum, chemical , oil, building materials, household chemicals , roads, electricity and asphalt mixing plant sectors and industries where fuel injection . Mixing station Slag oil pump, working pressure is also more applicable requirements of stability, where the long-term continuous operation , such as : strong lubrication systems.