2W.W twin-screw pump


Jan 5, 2017

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 2W.W twin-screw pump

Advantages 2W.W sealed double screw pump
1, the transmission fluid smooth , pulseless , without stirring , vibration, low noise.
2 , has a strong self-absorption properties, when multiphase transport , gas rate is not higher than 80% , sediment concentration is not higher than 500g/m3.
3 , external bearing structure , using an independent lubrication, can transport a variety of non -lubricating media.
4, using synchronous gear drive , no contact between the two rotors, even a short time idling anyway.
5 , the body with a heating jacket , you can transport all kinds of clean or contain low viscosity or high viscosity medium small solid particles ( particle diameter is generally less than 0.12-0.2mm)
6 , the correct choice of materials , can be transported even many corrosive media.
7 , double suction structure , no axial force on the rotor.
8 , shaft mechanical seal or bellows mechanical seal , with a long life , less leakage , for a wide range of features.
2W.W sealed twin-screw pump performance range
A maximum working pressure of 4.0MPa
2 , flow range 1 ~ 1000m3 / h
3, the temperature range of -20 ~ 120 ℃
4 , the viscosity of the medium 1 ~ 3000mm2 / s, lower speed can reach 106mm2 / s
Medium viscosity performance on a large twin-screw pump , the pump displacement is the nominal displacement under specific conditions the viscosity , in order to ensure the pump to operate at high efficiency when the test is not sufficient , it is recommended to select the following viscosities speed:
Medium viscosity cSt speed r / min
< 4001500
400 ~ 12001000
1200 - 3600750
For higher viscosity media , which should be used for speed and motor power , please contact the manufacturer .