KCB-1200 Main oil pump Zero defect


Jan 5, 2017

Main oil pump, gear pump, KCB-1200,


 KCB-1200 Main oil pump Zero defect

I plant KCB-1200 , gear pumps, main oil pump , KCB-760 another first in the country of production and sales , the introduction of foreign technology professionals developed kcb760-0.6, gear pumps, main oil pump , KCB-760, best- selling the country, the majority of users are welcome and love . gear pump is the pump , vertical chassis , power forced lubrication bearing sleeve shaft , gear oil pump and valve rubber seal reflux and other component parts , the main oil pump drive gear is composed of four people on the occasion of helical gear gear set , using the differential pressure valve structure , a full range of gear pumps and motors are directly linked structure of the tin .
KCB-1200 Main oil pump, main pump , KCB-1600 reasonable structure , easy maintenance . Main pump has a smooth operation , low noise, suitable for long-term continuous operation characteristics. www.tezhongbeng.com/English