KCBMK magnetic gear pump


Jan 5, 2017

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 KCBMK magnetic gear pump

KCBMK magnetic gear pump
● Use
KCBMK type magnetic gear pump for conveying the petrochemical industry in the process of solid particles and fibers, temperature no higher than 250 ℃ viscosity of 5 ~ 1500cst has some lubricating fluids. For corrosive or high demand on the health of the occasion can use stainless steel pumps.
magnetic gear pump technology specifications
Flow Range: 0.6 m 3 / H;
Rated pressure: <1.45 MPa;
Maximum temperature: <250 ℃.
● structural characteristics of magnetic gear pump
(1) the use of the pump delivery of all moving parts lubricated
(2) has a safety valve overload protection
(3) the use of rare earth permanent magnetic actuator material, sealed, leak-free, safe and reliable.