KCB-18.3 stainless steel gear pump


Jan 5, 2017

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 KCB-18.3 stainless steel gear pump

KCB stainless steel gear pump Scope:
Stainless steel gear pump for conveying solid particles and fibers , high temperature or corrosive liquids , temperature no higher than 120 ℃, viscosity 5 ~ 1500cst oil or other liquids similar nature lubricants .
Stainless steel gear pump sanitation requirements of, such as medicine, food industry : the weak corrosive applications, such as fine chemicals, cosmetics, printing and dyeing , brewing industry .
KCB gear pump consists of stainless steel gears, shafts , pump, valve , shaft seals and other component parts, gears after heat treatment have a higher hardness and strength , and the shaft is installed with replaceable bushings in the operation . All parts of the pump are lubricated by the conveying medium automatically when the pump is working to achieve . There are well-designed pump and back to the tank drain , gear to withstand the torque force at work a minimum , thus bearing loads of small, wear , high pump efficiency . Pump has a safety valve as overload protection. Total reflux dispatched to the pump pressure relief valve rated pressure of 1.5 times the allowable discharge can be further adjusted according to actual needs within the pressure range. But note that this is not a safety valve for pressure reducing long-term work , you need to be separately installed in the pipeline .