JT Series High Dehydration Oil Refinery

China ChongQing BeiBei

Nov 10, 2010

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 JT Series High Dehydration Oil Refinery

contact person:ren pan

Features of Product
1. The whole equipment designed individually with nice appearance. low power and low cost for operation.

2. The plant is all made of stainless steel without adding antirust so that working uninterruptedly.

3. The oil-water interfacial apparatus and automatic drained valve could offer exactly detached water level and drain water automatic when it accumulated condign capacity.

4. Electric system control with PLC (touch screen) which could show working condition and operation of all parts clearly. It also can monitor equipments. automatic control and protect stopping machine. It could use of the equipment operation online without human.

5. Adopting the special oil pump made in Germany that have good airproof. low noise and long life time.

6. Multilayer filtration including coarse filter. protecting filter. nice filer are all imported from Europe and U. S. A. The effect of control impurities is excellent.