through bore slip ring of 12mm(ID) 5/10/15A for radar,military equipment from Barlin Times



Sep 29, 2016

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 through bore slip ring of 12mm(ID) 5/10/15A for radar,military equipment from Barlin Times

Through Hole Slip Ring

Through hole slip rings are slip ring with through bore, this series are designed for being installed with flange on a sleeve bracket, also they totally meet with continuous transmission of power and/or signal under 360 degree unrestrained rotations. This kind of slip ring applies the best advanced fiber brush technology and precious metal multi-contacting, low noise, low contact pressure and maintenance free. Our standard through hole size could be from 12.7mm- 190mm are optional, the standard circuits are 6 rings, 12 rings, 18 rings and 24 rings are available, the current can be alternative from 2A-800A. Standardized & modularized design, we could fully customize the best suitable product according to the special requirement of customer.
If you have specific customized requirement, please feel free to consult us so that our sales engineer could recommend the most suitable product to you for you reference.


1.Modular design & compact design
2.Transmit various analog and digital signal
3.Low wear and long work life time
4.Compatible with data bus protocols
5.360 degree continuous rotary power transmission or data signal


1.Current & Voltage
3.Inner diameter, outer diameter and length
4.Work speed
5.Housing material and color
6.Protection degree
7.Lead wire exit direction
8.Lead wire length
9.Connector type
10.Signal and power transmitted single or together


1.Radar, antenna, robotics
2.Turn table, rotary sensor
3.Engineering machinery equipment, cable wheel, test machine
4.Packing machine, medical equipment
5.Handling process control equipment
6.Military equipment
7.Wind turbine generator
Emergency lighting machine, exhibition/display equipm


Circuits 1-24 circuits
Work Speed 0-500RPM
Work Humidity 60%RH or higher
Voltage Rating 380VAC/DC
Current Rating 5A/10A
Contact Materials Precious metal
Lead Wire Size Teflon UL
Lead Wire Length Standard 300mm
Housing Materials Aluminum alloy
Torque ≤9.25 gm ( for reference)
Protection IP54 or higher

Length of Slip Ring(mm)
Current 6 circuits 12 circuits 18 circuits 24 circuits
5A 34 47.8 61.6 75.4
10A 37 53.8 70.6 87.4
Remarks: More bigger current or circuits, please feel free to contact with us.