Chongqing Xibao Oil Purifier Manufacture Co,.Ltd

Main Business

We design manufacture and sale industrial Oil recycling equipment, like waste oil convert to base oil , or waste oil convert to diesel , Oil purifier, Vacuum oil Purifier, portable Oil purifier etc.

About Us

Chongqing Xibao Oil Purifier Manufacture Co,. Ltd, Representing the leading company in China for Waste oil recycling and Oil purification, Locate at Chongqing where oil purification industry chain is the most abundant and perfect city in China. XIBAO has been established since 2003 with more than 10 years history. In the first few years, XIBAO focused its target market on power industry. The represent products like ZYD 2-stage Vacuum High Efficient Transformer Oil Purifier which have 3 patents, After few years development, we also built close relationship with key partners in other industries, including but not limit to shipping, petrochemical, heavy manufacturing industry and power plant industry etc.

XIBAO technology goes beyond traditional fluid cleaning systems by effectively removing both particles and liquid contaminants. Apply for Vacuum separation Technology, We are very professional in the treatment of emulsified oil. The XIBAO family of fluid cleaning products(Transformer Oil purifier, Lubricant Oil purifier, Fire-resistant Oil Purifier Hydraulic Oil Purifier, Fuel Oil Purifier) virtually eliminates the need for routine maintenance, enabling users to dramatically cut maintenance costs by 80 percent, extend equipment life and significantly reduce their environmental impact.

More and more problems of environmental pollution Chinese is concerned, the company began to enter the field of waste oil recycling, Launched new generation products with apply for low temperature vacuum distillation technology to replace the old serious pollution oil refining methods. The WTB and WTD series product can covert the waste engine oil, signal oil or mixed oil to diesel or base oil, We provide free containment solutions for your waste oil, In addition to the environmental benefits of our service, it is also a good faith gesture to your customers that you care about the environment pollution in which you are located.

XIBAO Oil Purifier will make great efforts to achieve the major breakthrough in industrial oils management technology, strives to provide customers with safer, greener and more efficient oils management solutions and equipments, and creates greater economic benefit and environmental value for customers.