Allen-Bradley SMC-50 Smart Motor Controller



Sep 28, 2016

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 Allen-Bradley SMC-50 Smart Motor Controller

The Allen-Bradley SMC-50 Smart Motor Controller provides microprocessor-controlled,
solid-state (SCR, no bypass) starting for standard three-phase squirrelcage induction or Wye-Delta (6-lead) motors.

Allen-Bradley SMC-50 Smart Motor Controllers Features:
90…520 A range
Nine standard start modes
Rated voltage: 200…690V AC
Three expansion ports to install option modules
Fully solid-state, continuous SCR control
Built-in electronic motor overload protection
Current and voltage sensing on each phase
DPI Communication Protocol
Parameter configuration options
Energy saver mode
Logging of the last 100 events with time stamp
Network communication (option)
External bypass as an option
Conformally-coated PCBs

Except the model above we can also provide the other models of Allen-Bradley SMC-50 Smart Motor Controllers as follows:

SMC-50 150-SB1FAD SMC-50 150-SC3NUD
SMC-50 150-SB1FBD SMC-50 150-SC3NUR
SMC-50 150-SB1FCD SMC-50 150-SD1FAD
SMC-50 150-SB1FHD SMC-50 150-SD1FBD
SMC-50 150-SB1NBD SMC-50 150-SD1FCD
SMC-50 150-SB1NBR SMC-50 150-SD1FHD
SMC-50 150-SB1NUD SMC-50 150-SD1NBD
SMC-50 150-SB1NUR SMC-50 150-SD1NBR
SMC-50 150-SB2FAD SMC-50 150-SD1NUD
SMC-50 150-SB2FBD SMC-50 150-SD1NUR
SMC-50 150-SB2FCD SMC-50 150-SD2FAD
SMC-50 150-SB2FHD SMC-50 150-SD2FBD
SMC-50 150-SB2NBD SMC-50 150-SD2FCD
SMC-50 150-SB2NBR SMC-50 150-SD2FHD
SMC-50 150-SB2NUD SMC-50 150-SD2NBD
SMC-50 150-SB2NUR SMC-50 150-SD2NBR
SMC-50 150-SB3FAD SMC-50 150-SD2NUD
SMC-50 150-SB3FBD SMC-50 150-SD2NUR
SMC-50 150-SB3FCD SMC-50 150-SD3FAD
SMC-50 150-SB3FHD SMC-50 150-SD3FBD
SMC-50 150-SB3NBD SMC-50 150-SD3FCD
SMC-50 150-SB3NBR SMC-50 150-SD3FHD
SMC-50 150-SB3NUD SMC-50 150-SD3NBD
SMC-50 150-SB3NUR SMC-50 150-SD3NBR
SMC-50 150-SB4FAD SMC-50 150-SD3NCR
SMC-50 150-SB4FBD SMC-50 150-SD3NUD
SMC-50 150-SB4FCD SMC-50 150-SD3NUR
SMC-50 150-SB4FHD SMC-50 150-SC1NBD
SMC-50 150-SB4NBD SMC-50 150-SC1NBR
SMC-50 150-SB4NBR SMC-50 150-SC1NUD
SMC-50 150-SB4NUD SMC-50 150-SC1NUR
SMC-50 150-SB4NUR SMC-50 150-SC2FAD
SMC-50 150-SC1FAD SMC-50 150-SC2FBD
SMC-50 150-SC1FBD SMC-50 150-SC2FCD
SMC-50 150-SC1FCD SMC-50 150-SC2FHD
SMC-50 150-SC1FHD SMC-50 150-SC2NBD
SMC-50 150-SC3FAD SMC-50 150-SC2NBR
SMC-50 150-SC3FBD SMC-50 150-SC2NUD
SMC-50 150-SC3FCD SMC-50 150-SC2NUR
SMC-50 150-SC3FHD

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