Foot Callus Remover TB-5001



May 13, 2016

Foot Callus Remover ,


 Foot Callus Remover TB-5001

Model: Foot Callus Remover TB-5001Foot Callus Remover Product Discription1.Unique roller with micro mineral particles spins 360°,Website:, to gently and effectively buff away dead, calloused, hard and dry skin in seconds, smoothing skin on the feet.2.5pcs micro-manicure kits for shinning, shaping, exfoliatin, polishing, professional nail care as salon quality.3.Multi-function for pedicure and manicure, meets different needs.4.Unique dual frequency variable speeds design, user-friendly.5.Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold and operate6.USB rechargeable design, easy for traveling and home use.Foot Callus Remover More info:If we give too ligttle care to maintain our feet , It is Top 6 disadvantage On Toot. Hen we started out on this journey of the feet, we weren’t really sure what we were going to find.  We knew that while everyone unreasonably expects celebrity women to be perfect from head to toe, that’s unrealistic.  It’s enough for us that they have style and grace, most, if not all, of the time. What we didn’t anticipate, though, was exactly whose feet didn’t seem like they had been so graceful.  We love the celebrities on this list, but we are honestly wondering with all the money and resources that these women have access too, why are their feet so frawked up?! Didn’t they know that we have the cure for ugly feet?Unit    Size7.3x9x3cmcm Operating    voltage4.2VBattery3.7VOperating    current0.2-1.5ALow    speed1250±180rpmHigh    speed1550±180rpmCharging    voltage5VPower≤7.0 WN.W.140gCharging    Time3 hoursHow to Use the Manicure Tools1. Press the release button on the right side of unit and gently take away the abrasive roller and then place the manicure fixed roller on it.2.Choose a manicure tool and insert it into the hole on the left side of unit, Make sure the tool is firmly installed before use.3. Press the ON button, start manicure gently and carefully.4.Turn off the unit, check if you are satisfied with the manicure result, if not, do it again.How to Use the Callus Remover 1.Please make sure the product is fully charged before your first use. 2..Check the roller with your fingers to test if the roller is firmly installed. 3..Press the ON button, the defaulted is low speed.4..Place the rotating roller close to the foot gently, and remove calluses and horny slowly.5..Turn off the unit, check if you are satisfied with the result, if not, do it again until you are satisfied with it.6.Dip the feet with warm water for 10 minutes, and apply foot moisturizing cream.Cleaning After Use1. Press the release button on the right side of unit and gently take away the abrasive roller.2. Wash the roller and wipe it with a clean dry cloth.3. Wipe the unit and manicure accessories clean.4.Place the roller back on the unit.Foot Callus Remover packing:Foot Callus Remover Certificage of Conformity: