EN877/DIN19522/ISO6594 SML Pipes



Aug 12, 2016

cast iron pipe, en877, a888,


 EN877/DIN19522/ISO6594 SML Pipes

DIN19522/ISO6594 Cast iron pipes


Packed by wood pallet;

The grey cast iron pipe produced by centrifugal technology are mainly used in drainpipe through a flexible linkage;

The product has totally get the standards, ISO6954, DIN19522/EN877,GB12772,ASTM-A888, CISPI301 standards;

It has the following advantages: flat and straight, even pipe wall, high strength and density, high smoothness on the inner and outer surface of the wall, no defects in foundry, easy installation,

easy maintain, long life ,helpful to environment, fireproofing and no noise.