220V Mobile mini diesel petrol methanol fuel pump dispenser filling machine


Feb 13, 2017

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 220V Mobile mini diesel petrol methanol fuel pump dispenser filling machine



1.Streamlined appearance design: soft lines, no edges and corners, beautiful;

2.Noiseless: Domestic first mute type fuel dispenser in China, it very quiet when them are working, refused to noise interference;

3.Through continuous pumping of oil for 24 hours and harsh detection;

4.The standard of excellent accuracy Measuring accuracy can reach two over one thousand;

5.Two way control valves to ensure the precise control of a small amount of fuel;

6.Professional, scientific lines and piping design, to ensure the performance of the whole machine;

7.With double-layer steel wire mesh, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, pressure resistant tubing;

8.Folding mobile handle, easy to move;

9.With functions of integer and non integer quantitative refueling.


Applicable medium:Diesel, Kerosene

Flow rate:20-50L/min

Main power supply:AC220V


Revolving speed:2850r/min


Inhalation caliber:25mm

Discharge caliber:25mm



Single range:0.0-99999L

Accumulative range:0-99999L

Setting range: 0.0-$9999

Display range:0-$99999

Metering volume:5L



Why Choose Us :

1. Our China best mobile mini fuel dispenser, portable fuel dispenser, refueling dispenser comparing with other factory's.We have strict workmanship,fine quality,due to the efforts of everyone.Strengthen the attention to each link,in pursuit of perfect quality of products;

2.One year warranty time;

3.Strong after-service team working for you;

4.Strong R&D team to be sure our factory has new models developed every year.

Where to use:

Industrial and mine enterprises,transportation,oil depot,gas station,construction site, and farm,even vehicle-mounted,garage,carport.

Packaging Details:

1.Piece by Non-fumigation wooden case;
2.Fuel dispenser host;
3.Self-styled nozzle;
4.Outlet tube;
5.Transparent oil inlet;
6.Y type filter;
7.Filter screen;
8.Instruction book.